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    The Classic of Mountains and Seas?is an encyclopedia of ancient China. Its rich content involves history, geography, ethnology, mythology, religion, zoology, phytology…
  • New archaeological findings at Sanxingdui
    On June 16, 2022, the Sanxingdui archaeological team announced that an exquisite and exotic-looking bronze statue recently excavated from the No. 8 sacrificial pit at S…
  • Fei Xiaotong and his ‘Plurality and Unity’
    Fei Xiaotong (1910–2005) was a renowned Chinese sociologist, anthropologist, social activist, and scholar on ethnic studies.
  • ‘Journey to the West’
    Xi You Ji, or Journey to the West, is a great Chinese novel published during the Ming Dynasty and attributed to the Chinese writer Wu Cheng'en.
  • Sanxingdui
    The development of local Neolithic culture laid the foundation for the birth of the Sanxingdui culture. The concept of using a gold scepter and other gold artifacts as …
  • Liaozhai stories
    Liaozhai Zhiyi is a collection of nearly 500 unusual and supernatural tales written by Qing-Dynasty writer Pu Songling.
  • ‘White Deer Plain’
    Chinese writer Chen Zhongshi completed White Deer Plain in 1992, for which he won the Mao Dun Literature Prize in 1997, one of the most prestigious literature prizes in…
  • Marquis of Haihun cemetery
    The mausoleum of the Marquis of Haihun is one of the few Western Han imperial mausoleums that have not been looted. It contains nine tombs and a chariot burial site, co…
  • Classics scholarship
    Jingxue, or classics scholarship, originally referred to Chinese scholarship before imperial unification by the Qin Dynasty in 221 BCE.