• Three factors drive Chinese art market boom


  • Since the reform and opening up, thanks to economic development and flexible policies, commercialization and marketization of the art industry have accelerated remarkably, leading to a vibrant and large-scale art trading industry in China.
  • Robert Kuhn: Documenting China’s poverty battle

Dialogue ?

  • Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, president of The Kuhn Foundation and China Reform Friendship Medal Recipient, has been highly involved in recording the Chinese people’s great fight in eliminating extreme poverty.
  • Chinese economy remains promising despite pressure

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  • The Chinese economy is heading towards balanced development, indicating enormous growth potential. When the time is ripe, it will release new momentum and achieve high-quality and high-speed growth.
  • Exploring the path of high-level opening up

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  • Xi You Ji, or Journey to the West, is a great Chinese novel published during the Ming Dynasty and attributed to the Chinese writer Wu Cheng'en.
  • The development of local Neolithic culture laid the foundation for the birth of the Sanxingdui culture. The concept of using a gold scepter and othe…


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